This platform will encompass the ideals of this Libertarian party and present reasoning for said ideals.

  • Issue One: Government Spending
The Government is currently on an unsustainable spending track.  With the current lack of a proper budget, the man in the oval office feels the need to inflate all the “important” programs like Obamacare and deflate all the “unimportant” programs like our military.  The Government is currently spending over $1,200,000,000 more than it is taking in.  Although the government thinks that they are “fixing it” by taxing those who built themselves up from lower economic standing.
  • Issue Two: Government Regulations on Trade
The Government has too many restrictions on trade. We believe in absolute free trade and that the governance of one’s business should have nothing to do with the government. We denounce government subsides on both businesses and to particular forms of energy production. We believe there should be no government control on prices and this should be left to the free market to decide, giving more power to the people.
  • Issue Three: The Growth of Social Programs
The Government has continued to make social programs like Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and ObamaCare much larger than they can or should be.  Our government has expanded these programs so much that our future generations will be paying through the nose to be barely above water.
  • Issue Four: Government Surveillance
The Government currently violates every citizen’s fourth amendment right, everyday. Citizens need to be protected from unreasonable search and seizure of their emails, phone calls, text messages, medical records and many other things. This is done through the use of drones, and surveillance cameras. This is said to be protecting Americans, when in fact is it just violating their privacy, and fourth amendment right.
  • Issue Five: Individual Liberties
The Government currently interferes in the lives of law abiding citizens in many ways, we believe people should have entire liberty over their own lives, and should not be molested in their opinion or daily lives. The government disrupts the people’s right to privacy, and they should have the right to practice any sexuallity they wish. Many states regulate the right to abortion and same sex marriage when this should be none of the states concern.

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